Vintage 1930/40s Topsy Turvy doll

Vintage 1930/40s Topsy Turvy doll

Code: GF6.22-3/2


H: 28.5cm (11.2")

£35.00 Approx $44.19, €40.79, £35

Delightful 1930s/40s cloth Topsy Turvy doll. I believe these were made by Munecas Pages who admired the dolls made by Lenci, and modelled after them. There is a Hungarian doll one side and a Spanish doll underneath.

These are collector's dolls and they do have some pins which hold their costumes together so are not suitable for young children, but great for older ones or display.  They can be displayed either doll uppermost as in the photographs.

Good vintage condition, please review all the photographs.